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Hello I am Dr. Praful verma (B.VSc & AH). Completed my degree of vety. medicine from Bihar vety. College , Patna, University (RAU) PUSA. My OGPA in 10 point scale is 7.6. I am presently pursuing MBA from Father Agnels, ( Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Throughout my course I was known for creativity and use of computer in medicine as very innovative tool.

Right from my childhood I am very creative. I have showed my interest in various fields. When I was in class 4 at BIRPUR, My unique concern about Non conventional energy led me to establish LABORATORY of chemistry in servent room of my quarter. I was keen interested in making and analysing different gases of good calorific values, specially Hydrogen and methane.I just started my little lab from chemicals available in home like common salt, washing/baking soda, sulphuric acid, hydrocholric acid etc.

For the expansion of LAB I asked from local High school and college for granting me some chemical and equipments, those I needed. After some querries with tinge of disbeliefs, generally generous Teacher or professor use to grant me those I required.  

Later on I opened it for friends of my elder borther ( Now CBI officer) who     were in class 9th  at govt high school as I found that facilities regarding practical was not sound there consequently they were not even up to the mark in Inorganic part of chemistry.. Finally I deversified my LAB in BIOLOGY too. I started to experiment with frogs with a view to see effect of different mild chemicals on life processes. Till class 10th, I became very good in science and I did almost every experiment up to B.Sc at that time. I was getting help from school and colleges regarding equipments and chemicals free of cost. This unusual carryouts helped me to see science from different perspective, where Praticals gave way to formulation of thories. That Helped me to qualify B.C.E.C.E ( Competetion for getting admission to Govt. Medical / Engineering college.) in very first attempt. First I took admission in Ranchi then next year got transferred to Patna. 

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  • Got First Prize in India from National Science Congress for Biogenerator.                                                                                    
  •  Scored 99.43 Percentile in MAT (AIIMA), 99.3 percentile in CET Mh.  
  • Finally got admitted in MBA from Father Agnels Institute of Management Sciences. ( Mumbai University. In Top ten club of Mumbai Mangagement schools.
Hi Its ME

   I always aspired to Be Entrepreneur. I have realised the power of Rural    India, which is always overlooked by people talking of Developments related issues. As I stated earlier I was deeply fascinated for Energy of Future. So a new idea broke in my subconsious and I started to chase and make it a reality. The idea was to make rural areas selfsustainable in terms of energy... Idea is to produce Electricity from resources available therein.... What we generally do is we produce electricity in urban areas or suburbs from conventional sources and supply it to distant rural places. Where transportaion cost itself is 400% of production. Besides there is huge loss in energy also. This clearly shows how difficult is present way for rural electricfication. It is the electricity that is stumbling block in rural development. It is worthy to know that india has largest number of Livestocks.  So Biomass itself can make rural areas sustainable. But problem lies in the conventional Biogas. It has poor calorific value at the same time 40% Carbon dioxide is present, which makes it more low burning gas. I had deviced a way to generate electricity from biomass, agricultural waste and kitchen garbage with many modifications in existing system. This model is 60% more efficient in terms of energy output and have more stable internal invironment. I am sure such community biogenerators can certainly cater the Energy needs of Rural India..So I have my future plan to open chain of state-of-the-art agri-consultancy outlets providing these Knowhows and technical assistance. Getting in to Father Agnels for MBA was one of the pertinent step towards my long term vision. For details please feel free to contact me..


Feel free to publish any idea regarding Innovative products that comes to your mind and get it noticed on this site.

An innovative model of self sustainable Biohouse is on anvil,  All the equipments used in this house are highly energy efficient and uses nonconventional clean and green energy. buzz me to know about it.

If you Need Educational Sharewares, E-books, Softwares and CDs regarding your Course. I have great collection of mobile softwares and E-books ( 2000 softwares and 943 books).... Feel free to send me request at

If you are a Vet and looking for support of any kind..dont be desperate there is KASHVET, a dedicated site to give you e-learning materials and latest News. You can also post your querries and valuable suggestions. Also you can download exciting softwares related to your clinics for free..So visit once.

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This photo was taken when I earned some bucks first in my life time.
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